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My name is Feras and I am a Bedouin born and raised in Wadi Rum. Please allow me to share a bit about my background and aspirations with you..


I belong to the Alazabieh tribe, which has a long history of living a nomadic lifestyle in the desert. However, as the times have changed, many Bedouin families, mine included have settled in the Wadi Rum village in pursuit of education and better opportunities. Nevertheless, there are still Bedouins who continue to roam the desert, tending to their flocks and herds.
Wadi Rum has recently emerged as a highly sought-after tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world who are eager to learn about our Bedouin culture and way of life.

As someone who takes great pride in being a Bedouin and hailing from Wadi Rum, I founded this small family business with a vision to preserve and promote the Bedouin lifestyle and culture. But a culture is incomplete without its people, and that’s why we aim to give back to the local Bedouin community in every possible way. We bring in volunteers to teach English and other valuable skills to the Bedouins, empowering them to lead better lives.

Furthermore, we are committed to preserving the natural environment of Wadi Rum and the surrounding desert. We believe that ecotourism is the best way to promote sustainable development and support the local Bedouin community. We work hard to minimize our impact on the environment by using eco-friendly practices such as recycling, minimizing waste, and conserving water and energy by using solar panels. 

We also promote sustainable tourism by encouraging our guests to respect and appreciate the local culture and environment. We strive to make sure that our tours and activities have a positive impact on the local community, while also providing an unforgettable and authentic experience for our guests.

As a Bedouin, hospitality is an integral part of our culture, and we welcome everyone to experience it firsthand in Wadi Rum. And when it comes to food, our traditional Bedouin cuisine is as diverse and rich as our culture. Sharing food is a big part of our culture, and it is always a pleasure to see people enjoy it.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and hosting guests from all around the world. I enjoy meeting new people, sharing a cup of tea with them, and learning about their lives. Together with my friends and family, I run a successful local business, organizing tours and providing accommodation for tourists. I would be honored to welcome you and introduce you to the Bedouin way of life.

Whether you are traveling solo, in a group, as a family, or a couple, we offer a wide range of tours tailored to your needs, making your stay in Wadi Rum a unique and unforgettable experience. If you plan on visiting Wadi Rum for a few days or just a few hours, don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can help you plan the perfect trip.


Looking forward to seeing you in the desert!

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