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We come from a Traditional Bedouin tribe that have lived in Wadi Rum for centuries

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We come from a traditional Bedouin tribe that has been living in the Wadi Rum desert for hundreds of years. Bedouins are famous for their by heart Hospitality, that’s why all our tours start by offering you some traditional Bedouin tea. Desert is our Home so give us the chance to Welcome you and show you around.

No matter if you are a Solo Traveler, a big Group, a Family or a Couple, we offer different types of Tours according to your wishes, making your stay in Wadi Rum unique and unforgettable. If you are planning to visit Wadi Rum for few days or even for just a few hours, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you to plan your ideal trip.

Bedouin authentic Dinner, Jeep Tour, Camel Ride and Overnight in a Traditional Bedouin Camp are some of the experiences that you are going to live and remember for life. For the most adventurous, we also offer more daring activities such as Hiking, Sand-boarding or Overnight in Bivouac in the middle of the desert.


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