Camel Ride

Explore the Wadi Rum desert on the back of a camel.



Camels are the most iconic animal of the desert. They have always been trusted partners for Bedouins, helping them traverse the vast deserts with ease. As Bedouins are traditionally and culturally nomadic tribes, they have formed really strong bonds with these amazing animals for centuries.

Camels might be frowned upon a little because of their goofy looks, but they are one of the most highly evolved animals in the world that have adapted perfectly to the inhospitable desert environment. Bedouins have raised and herded Camels not only for transportation of people and goods, thanks to their uncanny ability to travel miles without water or food and natural protection from the extreme temperatures, but also for their nutritious milk.

Nowadays, Camels provide an alternative way of transportation that comes in direct contrast to modern cars and connects the present with the past. Their slow but steady pace might feel a little bit weird at first compared to the modern way of life.

They are one of the main attractions in Jordan and a must see, especially if you have children with you. You will have the opportunity to pet them, feed them and even ride them. Opposite to what many believe, Jordanian Camels are very polite, friendly and love to interact with humans. 

The Camel Ride lasts around one hour, can be added to any of our tours and provides a great opportunity to learn more about both the Camels and the Bedouin Culture at the same time. 


Riding a Camel through the desert would definitely be an unforgettable experience.


Important: You can add this unique experience to your tour by clicking the “extra” menu when you make your booking and adding the “Camel Ride (per person)” option. Please add one “Camel Ride” per person attending the tour. 


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