Full-Day Jeep Tour: ''Wadi Rum Highlights''

All our tours start from Wadi Rum Rest House (Google location here) in Wadi Rum village which is located about 7 km from Visitor Center. Feras will be welcoming you, offer you some traditional Bedouin tea and explain to you everything about the places we are going to visit. The tour includes the following highlights: 

  1. Lawrence’s Springs
  2. Al Ramal Red Sand Dune
  3. Khazili Canyon
  4. Little Rock Bridge
  5. Lawrence’s House
  6. Stop for lunch (Gallaya, Hummus, Tuna, Salad, Jordanian bread, Juice)
  7. Mushroom Rock
  8. Burdah Rock Bridge
  9. Walking through Abu Khashaba Canyon
  10. Umm Fruth Rock Bridge
  11. Sunset view from the White Desert
  12. Overnight in cave or camp & dinner (Mashawi dish in the zarb, Salad, Jordanian bread, Tea, Sweets)

After a long day in the desert, you will sleep in our traditional Bedouin Cave or Camp. We will light up a warm fire, offer you some Bedouin tea and prepare dinner. We will provide you mattresses,  warm blankets & pillows, as nights in the desert are cold, no matter the season. Usually every night we gather all together, play Bedouin music and tell stories about Wadi Rum desert and Bedouin culture. If you wish, you can go for a night-time walk in the desert with our guidance.

Next day we will take you back to the Rest House in Wadi Rum village. We can help you find a quality transport “to” and “from” Wadi Rum (taxi, bus, car rental etc.- it’s up to you).

1 person

85JD / person

2 persons

65JD / person

3 persons

65JD / person

Add Camel Ride to your tour for ONLY 

15 JD/person/hour

4 persons

60JD / person

5 persons

50JD / person

6+ persons

45JD / person

  • 4x4 cars and camels
  • English speaking Bedouin Guide
  • Lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • Bedouin tea and water
  • Overnight stay in our traditional Bedouin Cave or Camp
  • Assistance "to" and "from" Wadi Rum
  • Children under the age of:
  • > 3 are free of charge
  • > 7 get a 50% discount
  • > 13 get a 25% discount

Important Notice

After the arrival at Wadi Rum Visitor Center, pay the entrance fee (5JD) and inform the desk you already have a booking with “Wadi Rum Bedouin Guide” – Feras Zalabia. Do not trust people who are not able to present you with an ID.

We love what we do and we will share it with you.

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