Hiking & Scrambling!

The active way to explore the desert.



If you don’t want to just explore the desert by jeep and you want a more active experience. If you love hiking and scrambling and want to reach the top of the tallest mountains to enjoy the breathtaking views and the clean air or if you are just curious about how the desert looks from above we have you covered.

We organize daily hike tours to the top of some of the tallest mountains in Wadi Rum like the Al Hash Mountain, umm ad Dami Mountain and Burdah Mountain.

The hikes are very beginners friendly and anybody can take part in them. No special equipment is needed. They last around 4-5 hours depending on the mountain and the pace, but the reward of watching the desert from an elevated position is definitely worth the effort.

We offer both full day hiking tour and two day jeep and hiking tour that combine a normal jeep tour the first day with a hike tour the second. You can request any of the three Mountain options as hiking destination for any of our tours that include a hike.


For more details, including a full itinerary, please click on the tours below to learn more.

Our Hike Tours