Seize the opportunity to try the original sport of the desert.



Sand-boarding is the sport also known as Sand-surfing or Dune-surfing because in contrast to its water or snow counterparts, you will be sliding down sand dunes that consist of soft sand. The sport has its origin in ancient Egypt, where people used wood planks to slide down the dunes and transport heavy cargo.

Nowadays, it is considered an extreme sport with many passionate followers and there are even competitions about it. However, it is also a unique, fun activity of the desert that everyone can enjoy and it is considered one of the best ways to take some amazing photos & videos.

What makes Wadi Rum one of the best locations to sand surf is the fact that it is filled with a number of both large sand dunes that allow the more adventurous to achieve greater speed and smaller ones that are more beginner friendly. Nevertheless, the most important factor that makes Sand-boarding in Wadi Rum unique and very safe is the soft, grainy sand that fills its dunes. Due to the higher friction of the sand compared to the snow it is considerably more difficult to generate speed, giving you better control and making it less likely to fall.

This is why, compared to Snowboards, Sand-boards have a thicker, more durable base composed of Formica or a comparable laminate material and often come with detuned edges which drastically reduce the risk of flailing in the sand.

If you are interested in trying it, just let us know and we will provide you with the necessary equipment.

No matter if you have tried Sand-bording before or if this is your first time, don’t miss the opportunity to try this unique activity that you will remember forever.


Sand-boarding is included in all our tour for free!


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